Other Specials

We are proud to offer three types of guitar cases. Our economy series of cases provide safe, secure instrument transportation at very affordable prices. Each durable laminated chipboard case is covered with a special vinyl coated material and features a soft flocked velour interior. Prices start at $39 . Not shown

Our Deluxe Hardwood style cases offer multi-ply wood frame, brown simulated leather exterior, arch lid, plush interior, roomy accessory compartment, rugged brass plated hardware, and custom molded handle. Prices start at $119.95

Our quality Gig Bags come in a variety of covers and padding including genuine leather, hemp, and canvass. Constructed of rugged water resistant nylon and lined with shock absorbant materials, these professional quality bags offer excellent protection for musicians on the go. All have heavy-duty zippers, sholder straps and handles. Prices from $89.  Double guitar and bass bags available. 

Beginner Guitars
We sell the finest in small 30 inch length guitars for ages from 4 up. Guitars come with carring bag, picks, pitchpipe, and storage box. Colors Metallic Red, Blue, Black, and Silver. $41.99. Click here to order GUITAR now! Full Size Guitars are also available for the beginner with easy to play string height, sunburst finishes, and great sound only, $89.95. Our guitars are completely adjusted and ready to play.

TIM'S GUITAR STRINGS are now available to the most demanding guitarist. Our electric strings are made from the finest high carbon steel and nickel plated for a longer lasting "crisp live sound". Each string end is twisted to perfection with a neat "lock twist" technique ensuring no slippage at the string ball. Our guages are .009-.042 in our ex-light set.  SOLD OUT IN 10-46. 

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Our Acoustic guitar strings are made of a 92/8 composition "Phosphor Bronze" to give that brilliance, clarity, and longevity of sound required by demanding guitarist. The Phosphor Bronze alloys have deep rich basses and clear, bright trebles. Our set guages are .013-.056 in our medium set. LIGHT SOLD OUT.

And of course we sell all leading brands of guitar strings for your shopping conveinence. Come buy or order a few sets today! Be sure to check our shopping area for great string deals!

George L's Guitar Cable
What is our best guitar cable? The only guitar cable is GEORGE L'S. I have sold and used this cable since 1979, and it is the best sounding, longest lasting guitar cable in the world. Guitar amp "guru" Ken Fischer of TRAINWRECK CIRCUITS raved about the cable years ago in "vintage guitar magazine". "Guitar Player Magazines" test panel judged it #1 in Best Sound Clarity over dozens of guitar cables up to $250 in value. The George L's low capacitance Co-ax Cable with special anti-stat comes in two (2) sizes - 5/32" (.155) diameter and 7/32" (.225) diameter to fit any situation. The solderless ends are straight and right angle with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Rewire your studio, pedal board, or patch bays today, and hear what you've been missing!Click here to order GEORGE L CABLES and supplies now!

Missing that "Original Decal" on your original guitar? We offer many factory decals to get your guitar back in original condition.

Custom Instruments and Repairs
We can make your guitar sound and feel like it never has before. Anything you can dream up we can make it happen. Even if your guitar was damaged beyond all hope, you may be surprised at what we can do for you. Visit our samples section to see some of the repairs and customizing we have done. If you have any questions, Please call us at (225) 926-8467. We will be glad help you decide what would make your guitar perfect for you. PLEASE MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO DISCUSS CUSTOM INSTRUMENTS. 


Picks, Capos, Virtuoso Polish, TML Cleaner, Straplocks, Levy Leather Straps and Gig Bags, etc. We have anything you need related to guitars. If there is something that you don't see here and you would like, just give us a call and we will be glad to help you out.

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