<h1>EMG Pickup</h1> We are now an AUTHORIZED <strong>EMG Pickup</strong> website retailer! WE HAVE AN AMAZING SELECTION OF <strong>EMG PICKUP</strong>S. <h1>Guitar Parts</h1> Tims guitar repair sells EMG pickups, LR Baggs, Gibson and Fender <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>. We have hundreds of <strong>guitar parts</strong> from All Parts. Tims guitar workshop has a large inventory of <strong>guitar parts</strong>. Here's a listing of some of our best sellers: <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>: George L cables <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>: Seymour Duncan Pickups <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>: EMG pickups <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>: Gibson guitars <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>: Fishman pickups <strong>Guitar Parts</strong>: LR Baggs pickups <h1>Seymour Duncan</h1> We are the Authorized <strong>Seymour Duncan</strong> pickup dealer since 1982. Buy your <strong>Seymour Duncan</strong> pickups from Tim's guitar repair workshop and get free wiring assistance. <hr> <h1>Expert guitar repair and refinishing with authorized warranty service for CF Martin, Gibson, Taylor and Fender using new and vintage guitar parts. Headstock repair and fret work is our specialty, with extensive parts, pickups, and decals.</h1> <a href="sources/about.htm">about.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contact.htm">contact.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contact_add_fileUp.htm">contact_add_fileUp.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contact_old.htm">contact_old.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contactold.htm">contactold.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contactus.htm">contactus.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contactus_repair.htm">contactus_repair.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/contactusold.htm">contactusold.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/deals.htm">deals.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/feedback.htm">feedback.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/links.htm">links.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/loc.htm">loc.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/new.htm">new.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/projects.htm">projects.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/repair.htm">repair.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/specials.htm">specials.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/store.htm">store.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/store_announce.htm">store_announce.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/testfile.htm">testfile.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/tml.htm">tml.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/workshop101.htm">workshop101.htm</a><br> <a href="sources/youtube.htm">youtube.htm</a><br> <a href="indextext.htm">Front Page</a><br> <hr> site index

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Celebrating 42 years!
Our former logo:
Thank you for visiting Tim's Guitar Repair Workshop!

You can send your repair work to our shipping address:
1935 Dallas Dr. Ste. B
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Here you will find Seymour Duncan, EMG Pickups, Bartolini, Fishman, LR Baggs, Gibson and Fender Guitar Parts. We are celebrating 40 Years in business!

We do professional guitar repair, and we are factory authorized for C.F. Martin & Co. and Taylor guitars. Our site will have pages that will change frequently so bookmark our site and visit often!

We sell hundreds of guitar parts from ALL Parts, Floyd Rose, Mighty Mite, and WD music products. Be sure to get your VIRTUOSO CLEANER AND VIRTUOSO POLISH RIGHT HERE!

Our walk in store hours are:
Sunday and Monday CLOSED  
Tuesday-Friday 2:30-6:30 (all other times APPOINTMENT only.) Saturday 11:00-3:30