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Tims Guitar Workshop class 101
Basic- Intermediate maintenance and setup.

Courses are very limited: no more than three students per class.

If you cannot make the above schedule, click here to request other dates and times.

Over the past 41 years of guitar repair and restorations we have decided to offer workshops that deal with guitar adjustments and repairs as well as setups that can be done by you the musician and guitar enthusiast.   While being the Authorized Factory Service for Fender, Gibson, Guild, Martin, Ovation, , Taylor, Takamine,  and many other guitar companies we see a trend of problems that occur often.  When we were not allowed to basically set up a new guitar under warranty due to wording in OUR   Warranty Agreement package -INSTEAD- it was the store that sold the guitars responsibility by their own Dealer Agreement package to adjust and present the instrument to the retail consumer fully adjusted and ready to play, we decided to offer this course.  Our hands were tied to these agreements and the customer was getting the royal run around! 

This course is designed for the person that may have significant investment in personal instruments and needs to understand the correct steps to adjust and maintain them.  From correctly installing and choosing the right strings and gauges to understanding how neck to body aim (neck set) relationship should be on acoustic and electric guitars.  We also go over the correct sequence of steps that is essential to getting your guitar to play correctly so that you can achieve the most satisfaction when performing with your instrument. This course will be offered to limited groups so you will have actual hands on involvement in these tasks.  Many classes around the country that offer similar instruction are lecture based only and do not allow for hands on participation.  We will work in our shop and tools and supplies will be provided.  At the end of this course many of the essential tools  used will be offered for sale if needed.

Price         $$$
Time          2.5 hours +/-
Deposit     $95 required 5 days before course date.

Workshop 101 Outline

I.    Why Maintenance your guitar and parts terminology

 II.    Finishes used and discussion. Shellac, Lacquer, and UV urethanes.

III.    Climate and Humidity, Detection of humidity problems.  How to control humidity

IV.     Hard to play guitars

 V.      Correct steps to follow in setup procedure

VI.     Nut and Saddle setup

VII.    Final check on Action, Relief, Nut and Saddle clearance

VIII.    Correct Stringing and tuner machine head care.

 IX.     What if I find dead frets or buzzing?

 X.      Intonation and final inspection of Instrument and discussion.

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